I’m Deborah Cranston and I’m a qualified Alexander Technique teacher
living near Bordeaux.

Please explore this site to find out how the Alexander Technique can help you.


This Technique is a practical method of learning how to improve the way we use ourselves by reducing unnecessary tension and stress in everyday life.

It helps to improve posture and as a result helps you to breathe, relax and think more clearly.

Important News!!

Following a randomised, controlled trial of Alexander Technique lessons, Alexander Technique exercises and massage (ATEAM), the British Medical Journal has recently acknowledged their effectiveness for relieving both chronic and recurrent back pain.

Of all the approaches tested which included massage and regular visits to a GP, 24 Alexander Technique lessons proved to be most beneficial.

Interesting articles about this news –

nhs uk/news/backpain and the Alexander Technique

times online

Go to: www.stat.org.uk For more information on the Technique from the professional body in London.


In association with Rayon d’Inspiration – Art Therapy, Soundbeam and Alexander Technique.
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