The Technique offers us a route to freer movement in whatever we do, making our activities less tense and stressful, therefore more pleasurable. We come to understand how our body can move most efficiently. During the learning process we begin to move more easily and often make surprising improvements in how we look and feel. Click here for pupils’ comments.
As we learn to apply Alexander’s principles, we start to practice an effective, lasting method of self care.


Clinical trial results published in the British Medical Journal 19 August 2008, show that Alexander Technique lessons provide long-term benefit for chronic back pain sufferers.


It can help –

• Back pain and sciatica

• Headaches and neck strain

Posture problems

• Osteoarthritis

•Breathing problems

• Discomfort in pregnancy

Parkinson’s Disease symptoms


Reactions to stress

• Performance anxiety

High blood pressure

• Repetitive Strain Injury
(non-specific pain syndrome)/typing and computer use.

Anxiety disorders

• Rehabilitation after operations, injury or illness

When we learn the Alexander Technique we can better handle daily stress and develop a long-term skill in avoiding undesirable levels of muscular tension which often increase chronic pain . We can acquire a long lasting ability to perceive tensions as they arise and to restore a freedom of movement in our actions.

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