History of the A.T.

at-headThe Alexander Technique was developed by F.M. Alexander (1869-1955). As a young Australian actor, he suffered from a vocal problem that interrupted his burgeoning career as a Shakespearean actor. Frustrated by this limitation, he studied his own movement for the cause of his problem. Through a long process of self-observation and experiment, he evolved a way to restore full use of his voice. In exploring how to help himself and others, he discovered the crucial importance of the relationship between the head, neck and spine. He named this relationship the primary control because he perceived it as primary in controlling posture, breath and movement. He developed a way to teach people how to elicit the primary control in their daily lives. at-pupil
Later, Alexander came to believe that what he termed the empirical scientific method or self-observation and reasoning applied to one’s own manner of moving, could be used to ease physical performance in general: sitting, standing, walking, using the hands and speaking. He recorded his methods by developing his “work” (termed Alexander Technique after his death,) so as to make experimentation and training repeatable, and also by recording his experiences in four books. alexanddogHe also trained educators of his Technique mainly while living in London, UK from 1931 until his death in 1955, except for the wartime period between 1941 to 1943 which was spent teaching with his brother Albert Redden Alexander (1874–1947) in Massachusetts, USA.

Now over 100 years old, the Alexander Technique has a long track record of helping people with back problems, chronic pain and tension, posture and movement disorders, asthma, migraines and whiplash. As its wide applications are understood and its successes continue to multiply, the reputation of the Technique is growing. Today there are about 2500 teachers worldwide.

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