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Deborah Cranston qualified as a teacher of the Alexander Technique in 1997. Her three year training was at BATTSA the Bristol training school.

For five years she taught the Alexander Technique to drama and technical students at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and music students at Bristol University as well as having a private practice.

From 2002 to 2014 she lived in France and taught the Alexander Technique to singing students studying at the Conservatoires in Angoulême and Cognac, as well as students at INSEEC (a Bordeaux business school) and Sup de Pub in Paris.

Deborah’s background is in theatre and movement. ” I taught children movement and drama for many years but as I approached my late forties I knew that my stamina would not last for ever and that I would need to find another direction for my teaching skills. I read about the Alexander Technique and was intrigued.”

“It was only after several lessons that I realised a hip pain which had annoyed me on and off for over a year, was gone completely. I had been carrying a pattern of tension in the area of my hip and leg of which I had been completely oblivious. Over a period of several weeks’ lessons I had learnt to notice this tension and release it with the result that the contraction in the area of the hip joint finally went. This personal experience of a change for the better, ( brought about through learning to bring conscious thought to some of my responses) was the reason I decided to train as a teacher of the Alexander Technique.

Deborah enjoys teaching in small groups and it makes learning the Technique financially more available to many people. Her approach is different from teaching on a one to one basis and the attitude of the students is one of slow but sure development in the Technique in a way that is similar to attending Yoga classes – an on going progress without end which brings a gradual deepening of understanding and personal development.

Deborah is a member of the Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique (M.S.T.A.T.).

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