Pupils Comments

Physio therapist

During my weekend course my mind was shaken and woken up……… I felt more in touch with my body.”

IT programmer

The Semi Supine position is firstly very comfortable and secondly a great relaxation. It is a healing and meditation position. I will use it often.”

Hotel manageress

“I can feel my back pain ease off as my tensions let go.”

“Lessons make me feel more lighthearted as well as being lighter in my movements.”


” The AT inspires me – to learn more, to take one step forwards and then another…It is slightly scary – there is no end point.”

Singing student

I can hear the difference in my voice when I let my  head release.  The tone is  warmer.   It’s strange.”


Retired businessman with joint problems caused by road accident in his fifties.

“Lessons with Deborah changed my life.  They’ve made me look differently at how I use my body.  I am much more comfortable now.”

Retired casino-worker

“After a lesson everything feels less of a strain both physically and mentally. Thank you Deborah.”

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